HostKana Affiliate Program

HostKana’s affiliate program is far superior to other affiliate programs. We give you great payouts, provide our affiliates with unique monthly promotions that make it easy to sign on new clients. Best of all, we are there to support our affiliates all along the way, from providing the branding tools they need to ensuring quick payouts.

Great & Fast Payouts

We boast some of the highest payouts in the hosting industry, paying $50 for each shared hosting account, $65 for each reseller hosting account, $75 for each VPS pool, and $100 for each dedicated server customer that is referred to us. We always pay our affiliates as soon as their commissions are ready, and we never give our affiliates the run around.

Unique Monthly Promotions

We understand that our affiliates are businesspeople themselves, and we give you the tools you need to succeed. Each month we provide unique and attractive monthly promotions for our affiliates. These promotions are specific to our affiliates, so you can post HostKana offers wherever you want.

High Renewal Rate

HostKana boasts a 3-month renewal rate of 90%. That means that 90 out of 100 HostKana clients stay onboard for 3 months or more. With this high renewal rate, you can be assured that customer accounts are maturing, without having to worry about attrition. Our high renewal rate is based on our fast 24/7 support and hosting that “just works”.

for each Shared Hosting customer
for each Reseller Hosting customer
for each VPS Pool customer
for each Dedicated Server customer
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